Month: January 2019

Gracefully & Gratefully Becoming

New Year Check In

It’s hard to believe that we are already almost a month into 2019. As we approach wrapping up this month, I reflect on wonderful times filled with love, laughter, amazing relationships, and new experiences. Truthfully, there were also difficult times of trial, grief, and sadness. I am thankful, however, through it all for God’s grace and those who support, encourage, and uplift me. I’m thankful for the beautiful people in my life and, again, say that you help me to be a better person.

Life Progression

I am grateful for experiencing what I call the Triple Threat: 
Transparency. Transformation. Transition. I realize they simultaneously and progressively occur. As they do, my perspective changes with imminent life changes following suit.

Pressing Forward

Sustainable change is a process that takes time, can be a scary, and isn’t always easy. Though there are times when I want to remain in a comfort zone, I want nothing more than to passionately fulfill God’s calling on my life to encourage and help empower others, sharing a MESSage of God’s love and merciful grace that is available to anyone who will receive it, no matter the mess. As Dr. Dharius Daniels said, “Grace shows up in messy places.”

Gracefully & Gratefully Becoming

It’s my mess that resulted in heartfelt endeavoring to share about the reality of imperfection and resiliently recovering from mistakes and messes through Magnificent Messmaker (TM). I am appreciative of experiences that made me laugh and those that made me cry because I am stronger. I appreciate all that I have learned because I am wiser. Thankfully, I’ve decided to remain open to change for good so that I can be wholly well, living live life to the fullest. Embracing that decision, I am continuously evolving and becoming the woman God created me to be. I will continuously encourage and help empower you to embrace His love and grace while living the life of abundance that He intends and helping others along their journeys.

Learning from your mistakes & messes, while loving your magnificence & successes.

Triple Threat:

Transparency.  Transformation.  Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl

Significant Life

Your Life is Significant

Have you ever felt insignificant or that your life doesn’t really matter much? I encourage you to know that Jesus loves you, and your life is significant. Your life… every life, matters.

Seek God

God is strategic. He equips and sets you in positions and places to bless you and, at times, for the purpose of blessing others. You may sometimes find yourself in places and wonder why you are  there. During such times, I encourage you to seek God and pray for increased understanding. Whether or not you understand, stay within the will of God. Pray about what that is. 

Bigger Picture 
When it comes to the things of God, it’s not all about you. There is a bigger picture. It’s about Him and collective us. It’s about the Kingdom of God.


Obey and trust God. To obey God is to love Him. I encourage you to consider three aspects of obedience:

1) love for God, 2) humility, and 3) immediacy.

There is no pendulum when it comes to obedience. You don’t get to tarry along. To know that you heard from God and decide to delay means you disobeyed. This is because you’ve allowed your intellectualizing, reasoning, rationalizing, and thinking to influence your decision rather than trust God and immediately act. At that point, you’ve entrusted yourself not God.

Divine Plan

Remember that God says He is always with you. He will neither leave nor forsake you. His grace is sufficient for you. His power and strength are best demonstrated during and through your weaknesses. If you feel stuck or that you’re in the middle of a mess, ask God to show you the way out so you are free to stir up and put into action the gifts that He has placed in your heart. In doing so, you bring joy to His heart because you are fulfilling His purpose and plan for your life and, ultimately, contributing to fulfillment of His Divine plan.

Learning from your mistakes & messes, while loving your magnificence & successes.

Triple Threat: 
Transparency.  Transformation.  Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl

Raw, Real Talk for the New Year – You’re not the only one feeling ‘that’ way!

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Raw, Real Talk for the New Year – You’re not the only one feeling ‘that’ way!
The New Year is an exciting, though sometimes trying, time that comes with mixed emotions. Truth is, some areas of our lives are absolutely fantastic while other areas are ridiculously messy. This is definitely true for me. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed, yet there are times when I feel my life sums up to a SUPER HOT MESS! Nonetheless, I’m on a mission to walk in my destiny, passionately fulfilling God’s calling  on my life to encourage and share of His LOVE and GRACE.

Enough Is Enough
Among my biggest challenges is my quest to overcome unattainable perfectionism and feeling just shy of ‘enough.’ Though less apparent from the outside looking in, there are times when I want to run the other way, returning to my comfort zone. It seems simpler to do that. Instead of turning back, I press through partly because I’m committed to sharing of my experiences in effort to encourage you though primarily because, ultimately, I know that I am and have enough.

No matter what you may be going through, you’re not alone. While we all have victories, we also experience messes in various parts of our lives that can hamper our ability to recognize the rainbow that follows the storm. I pray that you would stay the course, having SELF-GRACE (including healthy self-love and forgiveness) that is rooted in God’s GRACE and sufficiency rather than your own. He will see you through.

Transformation – An Ongoing Process
In the middle (and on the other side) of your messes are miracles, magnificence, and successes. Embrace life right where you are. Apply what you learn from any mess because it’s necessary and part of your purification process during which God molds and makes you into all that He created you be so you can fulfill what He has called ONLY YOU to do.

Make your mark! 
Thank you for being you and allowing me to be vulnerable, transparent, and passionately do what I do. May God’s merciful-grace be upon you as you make your mark in 2019, honoring Him and serving others. All for His glory.

Triple Threat: 
Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl

You are Able – Opportunity in Limitation


Do you sometimes feel stressed, stuck, and don’t know what to do because of over self-reliance, trying to do too much, or feeling that things are a mess? Whatever the cause, it is important to embrace and trust in God’s grace and sufficiency rather than solely in your own. Read on for insight about this truth.

Limitations – Not Showstoppers

God uniquely created and chose you to do something that only you can do. You have God-given talents and abilities (gifts) as well as limitations. It is good to work with your limitations if doing so keeps you from getting in over your head. However, you are not to use your limitations as excuses that keep you from doing what God has assigned you to do. That is disobedience, which I will talk more about in a subsequent blog.

Opportunity in Adversity

You will face adversity at times. Still, God knows your limitations and uses them to help you trust in and rely upon His mighty power. You will grow in faith and [immediate] obedience. As you obey, God stretches the boundaries of your limitations giving you access to all the resources needed, again, through His grace and sufficiency. You should never allow your thinking to limit God because He can and will accomplish mighty works, even miracles, through you if you would humbly allow. His faithfulness and works demonstrate His love, mercy, GRACE, power, and promises.

Promise Keeper

As He did with Moses when Moses [eventually] stepped out in faith and obeyed Him in the wilderness, God will stretch the boundaries of your abilities when you step out and act in faith. He will equip you with all you need to do His will (Hebrews 13:21). Keep in mind that commitment, consistency, and action empower faith. You are not alone. Nothing can separate you from God’s love; He is for you, not against you (Romans 8:31). He is not a man so he does not lie or change His mind. (Numbers 23:19).

Stick to It!

I encourage you to hang in there and keep fighting the good fight of faith! (1 Timothy 6:12)

Learning from mistakes and messes. Loving our magnificence and successes!

Triple Threat:  Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl