Month: November 2018

The Woman God Created Me to Be

The Woman God Created Me to Be – Part1

This is Part 1 of my two-part blog article entitled, The Woman God Created Me to Be. I will post Part 2 of the article next week. Enjoy, comment, #share, and be blessed!

I was thinking of a prayer that I wrote about vision. In that prayer, I asked God to open my eyes to see the woman He created me to be. Knowing the power of vision, I want to see her so I can be her. I realize that, although I hadn’t seen myself as the woman whom God and others saw, I aspired to be, passionately pursued, and lived my life vicariously through my secrecy of her.

Clarity – A Different Lens

While gaining clarity about my life and this woman, I wholeheartedly considered her despite reservation about worthiness of being this woman. I’ve held her captive! I’ve kept her in secrecy because of doubting that I could be her… that I would fall short of being her. This woman of God I’m created to be has awaited discovery and release, being fully set free! Maybe part of the reason my vision had been unclear is that I hampered the process, stagnating this woman’s caterpillar’rising into the butterfly she is born to be.

Power of Prayer and Relationship with God

I asked God what the holdup is in fulfilling my purpose, my calling. He impressed upon my heart that I am the holdup! I envisioned a river floodgate that was latched, thus hindering flow. I realized there are gifts, talents, and abilities God placed in me for fulfilling my purpose as well as helping to encourage and empower others to fulfill their purposes. I then envisioned myself unlatching the floodgate to allow flow. Though this was key, there’s another part. This part involves the release of “me, ” a butterfly sharing His love, peace, and joy, as well as encouraging others to receive His merciful grace, healing, and freedom through relationship with Him and trusting in His sufficiency. I now understand the connection with unlatching of the floodgate and my vision garden about which I wrote in previous blogs (accessible at my howdareSHEryl blog website).


I now ask God to reflect this woman as I look in the mirror of my imagination. I affirm, “I see and know her. I am her.” She’s full of joy, peace, and love, and shares that with others. She’s happy! She’s engaged in life and present in every moment. She’s wise, funny, curious, adventurous, ambitious, and enjoys spending time with people. She’s courageous, bold, brave, and beautiful inside and out. She is calm and confident, trusting in the Lord’s grace and sufficiency. She is free having discovered and living in her destiny! She helps others to do the same!

What about you?

How would you describe the “you” you want to be, your desired self?

Think about “you.”   Write/journal about “you.”   See “you.”   Be “you.”

Triple Threat:

Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl