What’s in a Vision?

Purpose & Magnificence!

I talked about the beauty and benefits of visions in my previous post and will expound in this one.

Our visions are where the wonderful things we desire and deserve in our lives begin to unfold. Consider God’s Vision that resulted in the Majestic making of each one of us. You and I are His unique masterpieces, divinely created by Him with and for His purposes. My hope is that you know your life is meaningful and purposeful.

I encourage you to embrace the fact that you belong; you are accepted; and, you are needed for fulfilling God’s master plan. God has things for you to say and do that can come to pass only through you. Your mission or MESSage might be similar to someone else’s; however, the defining difference lies within the essence of the MESSenger. That’s you. No need to be perfect, only willing to do your thing even if it means making a magnificent mess, which, by the way, could bless someone else’s life. Simply put, we need one another.

I have spent many years wondering about purpose, both what it means and what mine is. I won’t get into the intricacies but will tell you that, because God has created us with and for His purposes, we can seek Him to know our purpose(s).

Vision Experience – Empowerment

Crafting and refining a vision is an exhilarating and empowering experience about which I am sharing in hope to inspire or ignite your vision.
I initially set out to create my vision because of irresistible “stirring” on the inside of me. I wanted to help others to be, do, live, and give their best. I initially accomplished this through offering prayer, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, fitness instruction, and my work, for example. During times of uncertainty about what I should do, one thing remained consistent. I wanted to help. This is the heart of my vision, so I know there is always something that I can do. This includes allowing others to help me. Speaking of help, I want to thank my dear friend and fellow-blogger, Angela Miller Barton, for sharing blog tips and her breathtaking photos to accentuate this post.

The more I helped and received help, the more I realized that the stirring involves my goals, dreams, passions, and purposes awaiting release. The intensity is now such that my desire has progressed from unleashing of my potential to releasing of my destiny. It is a process of magnificence in the making and using the gifts, talents, abilities, and resources that God has given me to fulfill His calling on my life. Day-to-day, I do what I do in living my vision. I know that every step is important. I also know that God is well-pleased with my heart to serve and my resolve to stay the course. I say to you, hang in there; we are in this, together!

I would like to share my Vision Garden as it unfolds. Here is a concise version for now.

I live my life in a way that serves God and blesses others. My life is one of abundance through trust in God’s sufficiency. Because of His grace, I embrace disciplined self-grace and help others to do the same. My words and actions offer peace, acceptance, healing, and hope. My life is a message of love and encouragement. I conclude each day affirming, “God, your will is my will. It is well with my soul.”

Ignite your vision. Write it. See it. Speak it. Share it. Live it!

Community Vision Garden – Sow & Grow

Please post your reply. We’re an awesome “bunch!” Let’s sow seed here for our individual and collective vision gardens. There is no right or wrong. It’s all good!

What’s in your vision garden? What do you need for nourishing or cultivating your vision garden?

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Vision?

  1. Oh, what a blessing it is for us to share in this blog! God has joined us together in sisterhood for such a time as this…your a beautiful butterfly with many colors. Im so excited for this platform, Congratulations, and as you travel this journey, I will await the release. To God be the Hlory!

    1. Thank you, Christy! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am excited to share this journey with you. All glory and honor to God!

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