Vision Garden

Guess what happened when I allowed a fresh sense of hope to ignite my vision?

I began to feel vivaciously alive, and it became my Vision Garden! I am excited, motivated, curious, intrigued, and determined to take steps toward further identifying and living out my vision for the life of abundance God has for me.


Don’t Grow Weary while Doing Good

It hasn’t happened overnight nor has it been without challenge, but it’s worth the time and effort it’s taking. It did not start out as a clear vision, but I gain clarity as I refine and begin to live it.

I love that my vision allows me to creatively and critically consider those things that are meaningful and desirable in my life, whether grand or small. I appreciate clarity as I think about seemingly trivial intentions (or goals) that eventually lead to deliberation and manifestation.

Ultimate Vision 

I am grateful for my ultimate vision of serving Jesus Christ. From this stems my personal vision which serves as my compass to keep me on the right path. It is my centering place where I am restored and re-energized to press forward. Thinking about my vision makes me happy! I am gratified in knowing that God’s plan for my life involves honoring Him through serving as a source of love, peace, encouragement, hope, and resourcefulness in the lives of others.

Vision Evolution 

My vision has evolved to be my Vision Garden. How beautiful it is! Working in my Vision Garden is as peaceful, serene, and therapeutic as working in a home garden. I fertilize my Vision Garden using soil infused with love, disciplined self-grace, patience, knowledge (evolving as wisdom), and trust in God’s process of unfolding His plan for my life while also cultivating transparency, transformation, and transition from seed to bud to blossom.

Stay the Course – Seasons Change

I remain committed to tending my Vision Garden no matter how fruitful or bleak things may appear. I recognize that even stormy days have a role in my growth process. I choose to stay the course in anticipation of seeing a rainbow in the clouds. I know that, like the clouds, the sun and rain are God’s majestic creations which burst forth to nourish my Vision Garden, producing beauty and bringing Him glory.

A Hint of Hope – You Deserve It

I say all of this to encourage you to hope, dream, desire, and act. As it did for me, a hint of hope can make a life-changing difference during times of stagnation when we need wisdom and energy to take the next step. Hope is help when desiring something to look forward to, which can become the start of a beautiful vision.

Your Vision Garden – Sowing Inspiration-Seed

What’s stirring within you? What’s in your soil?

You inspired this article. I share it as inspiration-seed whether you are thinking about, crafting, refining, or taking leaps and bounds with your vision.

No Need to Go It Alone: Co-Cultivate

Thank you, Kate Larsen, for tilling soil and sowing inspiration-seed in my Vision Garden.

Meet me back here on Friday to read more. Peace and love be on to each of you!

Hillsong’s “With All I Am” YouTube video beautifully inspired my Vision Garden. Enjoy!

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl 

2 thoughts on “Vision Garden

  1. I was Truly Blessed and Inspired! Seeking, and then Waiting for that next new step, or new season can be rough! Your title alone means a great deal to me. He (Jesus) is Lovingly Seeking, and Always Patiently waiting for me to continue developing with His Precious Holy Spirit. We each have a Garden and He’s anxiously waiting for us to take that Next New Step towards that New Season…
    He is Good!

    1. Hi Ren, thanks for your kind words, and God is surely good! I am glad the title resonated. There is something to say about patience. I believe you are doing just what you said, developing with His Precious Holy Spirit. Yes, each of us has a garden. I would love to approach that new season with you.

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