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Magnificent Messmaker

I am SHEryl, Magnificent Messmaker!

Unmasked and imperfectly me, messes and all!

I’m ready to make a mess! Say what I mean to say. Dare to dream my way.

Give life to my VISION today.

Anybody want to join me?

No perfection. Just Messes. Laughs. Learning. Encouragement. Hope. Help.

This is my MESSage, my story.

My Godsend friend, colleague, and coach, Kate Larsen, and I talked about my dreams and vision in late 2017. I shared about some things God had placed in my heart. She sensed my excitement and recognized the need for what I aspire to do. She also detected my reluctance to take action that required me to speak or present before groups. As we engaged in deeper conversation, I spoke of my fear of publicly messing up, partly because people express their view of me as being polished and having it all together. Reality is that I often don’t feel that way, so I try to hide it.

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