Gracefully & Gratefully Becoming

New Year Check In

It’s hard to believe that we are already almost a month into 2019. As we approach wrapping up this month, I reflect on wonderful times filled with love, laughter, amazing relationships, and new experiences. Truthfully, there were also difficult times of trial, grief, and sadness. I am thankful, however, through it all for God’s grace and those who support, encourage, and uplift me. I’m thankful for the beautiful people in my life and, again, say that you help me to be a better person.

Life Progression

I am grateful for experiencing what I call the Triple Threat: 
Transparency. Transformation. Transition. I realize they simultaneously and progressively occur. As they do, my perspective changes with imminent life changes following suit.

Pressing Forward

Sustainable change is a process that takes time, can be a scary, and isn’t always easy. Though there are times when I want to remain in a comfort zone, I want nothing more than to passionately fulfill God’s calling on my life to encourage and help empower others, sharing a MESSage of God’s love and merciful grace that is available to anyone who will receive it, no matter the mess. As Dr. Dharius Daniels said, “Grace shows up in messy places.”

Gracefully & Gratefully Becoming

It’s my mess that resulted in heartfelt endeavoring to share about the reality of imperfection and resiliently recovering from mistakes and messes through Magnificent Messmaker (TM). I am appreciative of experiences that made me laugh and those that made me cry because I am stronger. I appreciate all that I have learned because I am wiser. Thankfully, I’ve decided to remain open to change for good so that I can be wholly well, living live life to the fullest. Embracing that decision, I am continuously evolving and becoming the woman God created me to be. I will continuously encourage and help empower you to embrace His love and grace while living the life of abundance that He intends and helping others along their journeys.

Learning from your mistakes & messes, while loving your magnificence & successes.

Triple Threat:

Transparency.  Transformation.  Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl