Garden of My Heart

Childlike Humility

This writing was inspired by something I read about beauty of life in an old children’s devotional, which I enjoy reading because it helps me to maintain childlike wonder and humility. The reading led me to think about my Vision Garden, the garden of my heart. I welcome you to read the other articles about my Vision Garden posted at my How dare SHEryl blog website.

My Vision Garden is the place where Jesus and I meet, and I am centered, replenished, restored, and become more like Him. It is not a place where life is perfect. Rather, it is warm and filled with God’s perfect love, peace, and freedom, which are priceless.

Strength to Stand

Reality is that, in life, storms will come, and fierce winds may blow. We might be propelled forward or thrown off course. No matter, God knows the way. He gave us Jesus, who is the way. He remains with us through the storms and brightens our paths. Through it all, we stand.

God’s Peace and Promises – In His Presence

After the storm passes, and it will, God wants us to remain with Him in the garden of His heart… at His throne of grace where are we find mercy and experience His unfathomable love and His peace that is far too great for us to comprehend. This peace (and Divine promises) are experienced only in God’s presence. We have the fullness of His grace, forgiveness, hope, and healing. We are strengthened in His might; we are sufficient in His sufficiency. The garden of each of our hearts is nurtured so that we can continue blossoming into all that He created us to be and to do all that He has created us to do. I encourage you to seek and spend time with Him… in His word, in prayer, and lingering in His presence.

Learning from mistakes and messes, while loving your magnificence and successes.

Triple Threat: Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl