Raw, Real Talk for the New Year – You’re not the only one feeling ‘that’ way!

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Raw, Real Talk for the New Year – You’re not the only one feeling ‘that’ way!
The New Year is an exciting, though sometimes trying, time that comes with mixed emotions. Truth is, some areas of our lives are absolutely fantastic while other areas are ridiculously messy. This is definitely true for me. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed, yet there are times when I feel my life sums up to a SUPER HOT MESS! Nonetheless, I’m on a mission to walk in my destiny, passionately fulfilling God’s calling  on my life to encourage and share of His LOVE and GRACE.

Enough Is Enough
Among my biggest challenges is my quest to overcome unattainable perfectionism and feeling just shy of ‘enough.’ Though less apparent from the outside looking in, there are times when I want to run the other way, returning to my comfort zone. It seems simpler to do that. Instead of turning back, I press through partly because I’m committed to sharing of my experiences in effort to encourage you though primarily because, ultimately, I know that I am and have enough.

No matter what you may be going through, you’re not alone. While we all have victories, we also experience messes in various parts of our lives that can hamper our ability to recognize the rainbow that follows the storm. I pray that you would stay the course, having SELF-GRACE (including healthy self-love and forgiveness) that is rooted in God’s GRACE and sufficiency rather than your own. He will see you through.

Transformation – An Ongoing Process
In the middle (and on the other side) of your messes are miracles, magnificence, and successes. Embrace life right where you are. Apply what you learn from any mess because it’s necessary and part of your purification process during which God molds and makes you into all that He created you be so you can fulfill what He has called ONLY YOU to do.

Make your mark! 
Thank you for being you and allowing me to be vulnerable, transparent, and passionately do what I do. May God’s merciful-grace be upon you as you make your mark in 2019, honoring Him and serving others. All for His glory.

Triple Threat: 
Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl