Significant Life

Your Life is Significant

Have you ever felt insignificant or that your life doesn’t really matter much? I encourage you to know that Jesus loves you, and your life is significant. Your life… every life, matters.

Seek God

God is strategic. He equips and sets you in positions and places to bless you and, at times, for the purpose of blessing others. You may sometimes find yourself in places and wonder why you are  there. During such times, I encourage you to seek God and pray for increased understanding. Whether or not you understand, stay within the will of God. Pray about what that is. 

Bigger Picture 
When it comes to the things of God, it’s not all about you. There is a bigger picture. It’s about Him and collective us. It’s about the Kingdom of God.


Obey and trust God. To obey God is to love Him. I encourage you to consider three aspects of obedience:

1) love for God, 2) humility, and 3) immediacy.

There is no pendulum when it comes to obedience. You don’t get to tarry along. To know that you heard from God and decide to delay means you disobeyed. This is because you’ve allowed your intellectualizing, reasoning, rationalizing, and thinking to influence your decision rather than trust God and immediately act. At that point, you’ve entrusted yourself not God.

Divine Plan

Remember that God says He is always with you. He will neither leave nor forsake you. His grace is sufficient for you. His power and strength are best demonstrated during and through your weaknesses. If you feel stuck or that you’re in the middle of a mess, ask God to show you the way out so you are free to stir up and put into action the gifts that He has placed in your heart. In doing so, you bring joy to His heart because you are fulfilling His purpose and plan for your life and, ultimately, contributing to fulfillment of His Divine plan.

Learning from your mistakes & messes, while loving your magnificence & successes.

Triple Threat: 
Transparency.  Transformation.  Transition.

Faithfully, Sheryl