Faith – Let’s Dance

Faith – Let’s Dance 

Faith is a divine dance. Below, I share a song (I Hope You Dance) that is a blessing to me. I share this song as I think about and pray for the beautiful people in my life, including each person reading this blog article. Please pay close attention to the lyrics. From my heart to yours.

Do the Dance
My hope is that you would passionately do the dance of your heart, with all of your heart, knowing God’s hand is upon you. He takes you by the hand and blesses all that you do for His glory. The Kingdom of God awaits and welcomes your gifts (those talents and abilities that make your heart smile, bringing joy, fulfillment, gratification, and blessings for yourself and others, … that to which you want to awaken each morning).

Unleashed Potential and Released Talents
To unleash your potential and release your gifts and talents is to fulfill your purpose and walk in your destiny. Pursue your purpose with passion. Some of us may not yet know what our gifts and talents are. That is okay. Take time out to think and pray about it. Take time out to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature and life unfolding all around. You will notice that creativity begins to flow.

Explore and Soar in 2019 

Now is a great time to reflect over the past year. I believe most of us can say that we’ve experienced good times and times we wouldn’t mind forgetting. Whatever our experiences this past year, magnificence and miracles still happen… no matter the mistakes or messes. We can close this year with heart, openness to change for good, and looking forward to 2019 because our Heavenly Father is merciful. His GRACE is amazing and sufficient.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Consider the following questions in anticipation of 2019 proving to be your best year ever!

1. What excites you or makes you laugh?
2. What saddens you? 
3. In what ways might your experiences help someone else?
4. What are you thinking about when you lose track of time?
5. What do you find gratifying?
6. What do you want more of in your life?
7. How would you complete this sentence?

If I were brave, I would _______.

You are Brave

I encourage you to take even one baby step toward what you want in your life. This could very well mean taking a step outside your comfort zone. In doing so, you demonstrate courage and openness to change for good. Change begets change. 
Desire. Imagine. Dream. Dance.

Triple Threat:
Transparency. Transformation. Transition. 

Song: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack (other renditions are also available online.)

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl