Magnificent Messmaker Workshop! – Jan 26th – Registration

Miracles admidst your mess. Gifts of time and experience.

Women – Click here to register $59
Girls (15 to 18 years) – Click here to register – $25

That’s just MESSed up! Life gets messy, but your life is much more than any mess you could ever have or make. Join us for the refined, creatively interactive Magnificent MessmakerTM Workshop for women and girls 15+ years old!

We’ll listen and learn from each other in a warm, safe space. Reality is that things won’t always go as planned. We’re sometimes afraid. We have flaws, miss the mark, make mistakes, experience setbacks, and sometimes fail BIG. I don’t think I know how to fail small! It’s all good, though. It is okay to stumble and fall. Don’t give up. Get back up. Dust yourself off and stand tall. We are RESILIENT. Let’s RECOVER, RISE, ROAR, and SOAR, together!

Sheryl Richard, Magnificent Messmaker