Enough – We’re in this Together

Enough – We’re in this together.
Let’s help our younger generations to see and understand that imperfection is real, and it is okay. They need to know this so they are not comparing themselves in unhealthy ways or attaining to what they believe they often see in us (adults) and others… sheer perfection. We are messmakers, not perfect. Let’s not pressure them to be perfect.

Our Younger Ones

To our young people, you are God’s unique, marvelous, magnificent creations. Your lives have purpose and meaning. We love you even amidst your messes. We appreciate and need each one of you no matter the mistakes you’ve made. We, adults, sometimes make unthinkable messes and want to be at your side sharing of our experiences to help you navigate your way through the muck.

You are not alone. You don’t need validation of social media. You are not and don’t need to be perfect. Just Be YOU. You are worthy, enough, and beautifully imperfect. Learn from your messes and move forward. Don’t forget to help someone else learn so they can move on from their messes, too.

Give your best. Be kind and do what you do in the spirit of love and peace. In doing so, you have God’s blessings. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Triple Threat:

Transparency. Transformation. Transition.

Lovingly & Faithfully Me, Sheryl